this fall season dragonfly neo-v and "seven" present anxious_space

anxious_space is a series of seven dj sets focused on the new forms of electronic music
come by on selected wednesday nights, listen to the dj, dine at the all-organic restaurant; stay afterwards for drinks and more sounds

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it might come as a surprise to many, but electronic music does not necessarily equate to dance culture. especially in the past decade a sound usually fitting under the generic term "idm" has gained a widespread popularity. idm's main focus is advanced sound design, finding and utilizing new forms of electronic music. while early pioneers still continue in the direction of pure dadaist deconstruction, the educated masses have finally caught on and started applying these findings to create the sound that, while not being necessarily "danceable", possesses an edge, a certain drive that sets it apart from both purely academic efforts and toothless pop music.

the anxious_space series attempts to showcase various sides of modern experimental electronic music. it is by no means an exhaustive, all-encompassing effort, but rather a very subjective voyage into the world of our personal favorites. after all, we are not seeking academic laurels; we pursue sound that is fun, but not insulting to the attentive listener.

anxious_space represents the latest material in the genre, but also features lovingly picked classics and rarities. it is music that, while striving to be modern, retains roots that are easily traced to a wide variety of genres. as any post-modern formation, it mutates continuously, taking in influences from techno, dub, noise, hip-hop, jazz, electroacoustic, indie rock, electro, musique concrete with the emphasis on listening aspect of the music - irregularities, pauses, atonalities, unusual composition, broken rhythms. anxious_space includes everything from cold grainy glitch to playful warm melodies, from acoustic instruments to textured ambience, from technoid drum'n'bass to upbeat idm rhythms. do not be fooled by the "downtempo" label usually applied to the genre - while it could be a stylish background music, it more often demands attention and rewards such listening efforts fully.

anxious_space: a listening experience for the curious.