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apoptygma berzerk
tatra   1999
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"welcome to earth"

album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Sep-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
new apoptygma berzerk single was released on august 11th, when the last solar eclipse in this millenium happened. "eclipse" contains original version of the title track, radio edit and "dimension d remix" of the same song together with the track called "beatbox".
"eclipse" is incredibly catchy and starts with a steady light dance beat that slowly progresses to the point where vocals kicks in. the lyrics is epic, intelligent and very easy to remember. after you listen to three versions of the song you will be singing along and listening to the disk again and again. i found it almost impossible to resist the charm and the energy of "eclipse". the radio version is shorter and more appropriate for the club play (where it definitely should become a hit). first part of "dimension d remix" features vocals stripped off any music followed by distorted, more ebm-like straightforward version of the track. pretty simple and not very impressive modification.
"beatbox" is a fast-paced beat-driven track with slightly distorted vocals and not as catchy and clean as "eclipse". it is a bit repetitive and could be called "experimental" to some extent.
if the next full-length is going to be filled with hits like "eclipse" i would recommend it to anyone even slightly familiar with the genre. apoptygma berzerk continues to produce catchy, synthy and dance-oriented hits successfully feeding and keeping happy the army of fans (and I have to admit i am one of them).

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    yuck (278 characters)
    by evn111 on 2-Jan-2002 00:25This is a good song if you like the monotonous cliche disco beat all of techno seems to be based on and quirky telephone ringing sounds and vocals that are nothing short of embarassing. All I'm saying is if you like this song good out and buy a smiley faced glowstick pacifier.

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    re: yuck (59 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 26-Jan-2002 05:19put it in context, see when the review was done.


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    re: re: yuck (74 characters)
    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 20-Sep-2015 08:44yuuulluuuuuhhuuuuuu
    anonymous likes!

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    re: re: re: yuck (13 characters)
    by zyria on 15-Oct-2017 10:57ttest

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