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warm math
pause_2   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-Jan-2003

this duo from st. petersburg is among one of the most recognized names from the russian idm scene, as perceived by the western public. this came as a result of eu's work since 1997, right timing, and (obviously) promotion efforts by pause_2. with their latest warm math the band continues to explore the new direction already hinted on tuner ep.

what remains the same is the core of the atmosphere created by the music - dark and melancholic, slightly playful, as a tribute to their name that in turn represents their sound best - a late-night christmas afterparty with the fragile toys reflecting the snow outside and coming to life in the darkest hour before the dawn.

the fluidity of darkest analog melodies is spread across rhythmic textures that border between smooth minimal techno and slight irregularity of idm; quietly shuffling layers unfold subtly, transcending the usual emotional and technical gimmicks of the genre in pursuit of simpler, more accessible, but essentially more universal sound. only time will tell whether the latter is true, but after listening to this album again and again I welcome this incredibly charming and "complete" feel that transcends the growing pains of current idm scene.

perhaps eu will pursue more experimental genres in their ongoing collaborations with other russian musicians, letting warm math become a step towards more widespread popularity.

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