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- no title -
~scape   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Jan-2003

~scape is good at what it does, closely focusing on modern reincarnations of dub music. focus and minimalism in the tight space of the genre leads to that steep point of the exponential curve of art evolution, where significant steps ahead are no longer possible, where each change is leading into an infinite succession of smaller and smaller steps of achiless towards the turtle. if one is willing to look closer, to squint and pay attention to details, meditating on this micro-level of sound appreciation, there is much to be found and enjoy, as it is the case with system's debut on ~scape.

system's sound takes the usual basic ingredients, provided by ~scape - appreciation of space and warmth, presence of bass and irregular rhythms and pauses. - no title - is the creation of three denmark natives: thomas knak is better known for his opiate project; a little while ago I got to hear him live and was gradually captivated by his amazing sense of space - with sparse fragile touches, brittle sounds and crackling noise splinters he was able to outline the atmosphere of incredible depth and softness, something rather unusual, considering the sounds used. this became his contribution to system; andres remmer (the person behind dub tractor) brings in his trademark sound - a balance between minimal techno and irregularities of idm - no title-; the third person, jesper skaaning, is better known as acoustic.

like most ~scape releases, system takes on an opportunity to write their own dub tracks, as opposed to extending the stylistic variety of the label. the trio puts together a few unusual elements producing a beautiful mix between melodic irregularities of idm, delicate angularity of glitch and hypnotic depth of dub with its laid-back jagged rhythms. enjoying releases like these, I (almost nostalgically) keep thinking that soon enough the label will have to move on, exploring stripped-down reincarnations of other styles that evolved from dub.

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