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elektrik voodoo
self-released   2002
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hybryds/pal-yasnaa split review

album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 8-Dec-2002

work by hybryds for over the past decade has never been anything less of innovative. hybryds is one of the most important bands when it comes to the evolution of so many genres, whether it be dark ambient, rhythmic and harsh noise, and, most significantly, ritual trance. magthea's very acute sense of ritual meditative states of music and visual arts has been a great inspiration to so many artists. with this new demo and his lust project with miss poly ester on spectre, magthea once again ventures in new directions by taking some of the best idealism of the past and reanimating it for this generation. this nine track demo delves into highly seductive hypnotic analog rhythms that entangle electronic lounge, goa-tribal, and atmospheric industrial, while still using ritualistic trance movements that always have been a trademark of hybryds.

working with meditative and very hypnotic structures in the usual hybryds manner, this release reveals an even stronger danceable side of their work. for the first time i can confidently say that elektrik voodoo can work extremely well for both club-floors and careful listening. this richness for me is an important aspect that I enjoy on this particular release, as well as in the work of similar artists in the scene (this morn' omina for one). good examples of this style lie with the tracks entitled "indus", "croc" and "rub"; although my favorite tracks would have to be "touch" and "breath". the opening "touch" provides the listener with very tranquil and surreal atmospheric ritual rhythmics that use seductive female and male vocal samples and transparent deep pads. "breath" takes this idealism one step further by working in more hypnotic states with extremely enticing unmethodical rhythmics, magical, ambivalent air-choirs, and introspectively dark vocal stylings.

even though this release is not officially out yet, those that are interested will be able to enjoy it quite soon. next to the latest lust on spectre, i highly recommend elektrik voodoo to both fans and newcomers alike. in future keep your eyes open for more material from this shaman of ritual hypnotic dance.

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