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iszoloscope / antigen shift
the blood dimmed tide
spectre   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Dec-2002

this short 3" quickly became quite an addictive little item in my collection. the blood dimmed tide fits perfectly the label's profile, creating an intense, unsettling atmosphere of organic violence.

what attracts me to this release is how complete it is, despite the short running time. instead of collection of tracks it works as a solid entity, gradually unfolding. like it is the case with any well-composed work, it contains an appropriate prologue, composed by both iszoloscope and antigen shift, that with deep guttural sighs and heavy drones contrasted by a forlorn string, prepares you for the next track.

antigen shift's heavily layered, corrosive sound is like a leaving, breathing entity that emerges from the quietly building disturbing ambience. separated by short atmospheric interludes, these onslaughts of splatter rhythm attacks speed by like an armored train, and for a bit afterwards you can feel its hot breath on your neck. this combination of machine and organic nature in antigen shift's music is what sets it apart from so many peers in the genre that tend to get carried away by soulless technicalities.

iszoloscope closes this disk with truly epic track that takes the contrast further, intensifying the hypnotic machinery of percussion and lengthening windy dark atmospheric pieces. instead of hot-blooded living tissue of antigen shift, iszoloscope creates an expansive, voluminous space filled with gritty textures, towering hydraulic noises and cold vibrating strings.

this is one of my favorite releases by spectre, truly representing everything this label has meant to be - dark aggression with an unsettling organic touch, intense atmospheres with disturbing ritualistic overtones. both musicians captured perfectly this nightmarish feel, and an attentive listener can enjoy the way their respective sounds got influenced by each other, at the same time staying unique.

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