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neon sky rain   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 6-Dec-2002

this is technically a pre-release promo of the next ep that will be the second glittering prize from this very young and promising idm label. this time around martin wheeler, label founder of and the person behind balloon, introduces six new loveable and warm tracks that reminisces the very enticing styles of morr music & toytronic records but at the same time representing a fresh new direction and establishment of sound for his label.

after being highly impressed with martin's previous release emptiness, which consisted of mostly a collection of very rare and previously unreleased material from the past decade, this release definitely contains a very strong sense of style that i can now describe as the new sound of balloon.

they say big things come in small packages, which is the case here. although it is only six tracks, with each track being quite short, all of them hold their ground and represent some of the most seductive and freshest idm movements of this summer.

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