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self-released   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 6-Dec-2002

this is a second extremely rare gem (first being red dots cd) in my possession from this elusive musician known as signaldrift. it parallels his last demo and moves into some very deep illustrious surreal grooves that touch upon more funk, lounge, and seventies summertime appeal. i would have to say next to ten & tracer, ulrich schnauss, casino vs. japan, and manual, this was one of my favorite albums this year that really represents the emotional aspects of summer time and its metamorphosis into the colorful fall season.

with four additional collaborators on a few tracks, there is a sense of new directions for signaldrift that makes this release just as unique as the previous ones. additional guitar work and guest female vocals encompass an introspective, heart-felt beauty, reminding me of such illusory tracks as "family photos" from the very limited red dots cd & the bremen ep. this is one of the elements i enjoy in particular about signaldrift's hypnotically elegant style.

tracks such as "giallo" transcend warm analog melodies that are surrounded by soft female echoes and lush string harmonies. it is pieces like these that make your heart melt while watching the sun fall to the horizon, bending arrays of luminescent colors. tracks such as "aurora" and "nystagmus" capture the long-lost seventies summertime memories with psychedelic rhythms, transparent chords, and distant pads. and others, such as "mountain pass" represent a nice background soundtrack for a summer evening's drive with its placid iridescent guitar melodies.

fortunately, signaldrift's fans would be able to enjoy many of these timeless tracks when they will be officially re-released on a couple of upcoming eps on various labels such as omco & wobblyhead.

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