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moon phase
m-tronic   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 6-Dec-2002

mike morton is the new signing for m-tronic, and yet another representative of the growing wave of canadian electronica that all of a sudden seems to be taking dark technoid music by storm.

my initial references to early gridlock did not reflect its sound at all; if nothing else the only similarity (except for a single very similar track "atrophied") is this carefully weighted appreciation for suspended, lingering tension of the impending compressed beat that takes a bit of extra time to build up. moon phase is one of those albums that tend to be called "mature" (for the lack of better word) - nothing about is overly dramatic, there is no excessive anthropomorphism, nor there is a lack of emotions, moon phase has no ties to a particular genre, instead the album builds a solid atmosphere, somewhere in between idm and darker technoid genres. there are plenty of quiet melodies against the backdrop of rough percussion, at times the rhythms become quite abrasive, at times the sound flows quietly with fluidity of dark minimal techno, and at times ("bottom of the world") it is almost danceable. the point if this album is not breaking new grounds, shining with stunning innovation, instead I am so very impressed by the overall quality and thoroughness of this material - pulling together so many influences and genres to create the music that still has the dark emotional aesthetics of industrial as well as all the hi-tech feel of idm - yet another very successful signing for m-tronic, further refining profile of this label.

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