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rorschach garden
bazooka joe   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 6-Dec-2002

this colorful little 7" takes me back to the mysterious and gloomy days of catchy dark electro-pop of the early eighties. this style is something that i have been missing so much and have re-encountered through the likes of such contemporary innovators as legowelt, hong-kong counterfeit, adult., and alden tyrell, to name a few. philip münch (one part of synapscape, as well as a participant in various other projects such as ars moriendi and templegarden's) has engaged this style with a fresh, fun, and dark sympathetic approach. this vinyl contains four very cool, very loveable, and free-flowing analog synth tracks with enticing phonetic vocals. they are pressed on transparent yellow vinyl and packaged with an addition of a small piece of bazooka joe bubble gum.

by far, this is the best representation of label bazooka joe, and my favorite release from this project of münch's. the good news is that it seems like there are more good things coming from the label. the rorschach garden takes idealism from the likes of joy division, gary numan, early human league, and flock of seagulls, with its simple yet very attractive sound reminding of the style many have forgotten about.

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