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le tourne-disque
ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 4-Dec-2002

to this day hugo's material still never ceases to amaze me. with this latest release both available in 10" vinyl and in 3" mini cd format, vromb presents yet another direction to his very unique diagram of diversity. leaning more towards rhythms in between périmètre and interlüder, vromb gives the listener three very alluring tracks to immerse the brain.

hugo is working with hypnotic rotating frequencies that oscillate within vast complexities of punchy counter-rhythmics and bioluminescent phases; little children's voices accent introductions and apparition-like states within each track as they merge into each other making this release all the more concise and complete.

intelligent and extremely dynamic programming makes this one of my favorites next to the interlüder and périmètre material. i was fortunate enough to witness this brilliant musical technician at work with a triple encore at this year's maschinenfest. le tourney-disque is an excellent example of what vromb can pull off just within twenty minutes and seven seconds. as usual, the release is accompanied by beautiful graphics by his wife, bio-z.

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