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nord ambient alliance compilation
cyclic law   2002
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album rating: 1

submitted by alan on 3-Dec-2002

this is the second cycle of a label that proves to be starting a foundation point of strong dark ambient material. it comes packaged in a fold-out heavy black card stock sleeve with five lush cards each representing the bands that appear on this compilation. the participants are as follows: northhaunt, predominance, instincts, kammarheit, and svartsinn. each of those wrote their respective material in early winter of 02, taking the listener into their own realm of abysmal atmospheric soundscapes.

the norwegian musicians known as northaunt open this ten track compilation with two frozen soundscapes that arise from the depths and slowly ascend with intimate transparent tones and serrated movements. the awesome entity known as predominance unfolds very deep atmospheres that encompass distant mystical spoken word and waves of phantasmic air choirs with a track entitled "trans-atlantis." gerd's second track "dust of lost paradise" moves even deeper with foreboding and eruptive drones that descend upon desolate soundscapes and twisting dark swells. this artist never disappoints, and always represents some of the very best there is in serious dark ambient composition.

instincts, which i believe is also the label founder, presents two very dark neo classical soundscapes that envelope feelings of misery with sad undertones of organs, distant church bells, fading strings, and piano drops driven with an illusory sense of despair. swedish kammarheit pulls us into some very hazardous and dense textural cinematic backdrops that would perfectly fit into any noir horror film, especially something to the extent of elias merhige's work. svartsinn, also from norway, presents immensely rich avalanches of brooding soundscapes, liquid turbulences, and beautifully descending tones with the track called "yearning." while the second track, "the ashen dream" works with more warm drones, swirling transparent undertones, and the distant echoes of abrasive ghosts.

this label shows us many promising things on the distant edge of the future shadowy horizons. next to what loki foundation has been releasing for past eleven years, i would say that this label is making all the right steps with excellent choice of bands, artwork, and overall presentation.

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