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carpark records   2002
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"go hawaii"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 2-Dec-2002

this album has been one my list of "highly anticipated" releases this year. it has been a few months since its arrival and the timing could not have been better. the whole cd seems to have shifted from the endless summer of go hawaii to slightly colder feel of early fall. instead of the sun-bathed richness, the music acquired more prominent colors, more dramatic depth and more bittersweet melancholy.

it must have been early october and "aquarium" came on my headphones while I was stumbling through the woods with a flask of red in one hand and a camera in another, catching the last glimpse of towering beams of light that seemed to have been suspended in mid-air, not touching the ground that already felt the approaching cold of the evening. the combination was perfect.

their music is deceivingly simple, the formula is always the same - steady and abrasive (yet without being aggressive) percussion, deep organic melody stretching along the undercurrent of warm atonal textures, gentle melancholy and slight playfulness of fading strings. it is so fluid, so rich and so natural, that any attempt at describing it and picking it apart seems to contradict its very nature. the whole album, with its interplay of short and long pieces, creates a deep and truly unique atmosphere that is hardly matched by anyone else.

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