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spectre   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

this album is done much in the very beautifully alluring tradition similar to that of the very recent electrik voodoo on daft records; magthea assimilates his new electro lounge rituals with a mysteriously seductive and dominant force called 'miss poly ester.' being reminiscent of the darker introspective sides of the very outspoken nicole blackman, miss poly ester entices the mind with spoken words of four powerful feelings: love, lust, pain, and envy. her efforts combined with magthea's new ritualistic stylings are not only a perfect match but also a superb interpretation of spectre's "vinyl fetish" aesthetic. presented in limited packaging with awesome design by recydesign (sandy), this release will not disappoint a serious collector.

side a unravels us into this very surreal release with the track "love". slow emerging analog oscillations creep into place as miss poly ester's vocals define it's pathways into the deep crevices of the mind, while trip-hop ritualistic rhythms unlatch the locks to the doorways within. descending further into corners of the darkness, "lust" travels deeper with lush seductive words that move you into further hypnotic regions of sleek electro-trip modulations and rhythms.

side b lurks into even more trippy and ambivalent territories with the extremely cold and tempting compositions of magthea that are interlaced with miss poly ester's magical charm. "envy" gets even cooler, with very sly and twisted trip-hop beat structures and illustrious grooves that entangled within a veil of hallucinogenic spoken thoughts.

this release alone provides us fans of hybryds with a completely refreshing new outlook into the methods and rhythms of the ritual. i hope to see more excellent collaborative work like this continue for this majestic musician. hybryds is back and as strong as ever!

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