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staedtizism 3
~scape   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 7-Oct-2002

as it is usually the case with staedtizism series, roughly half of this compilation is really memorable material spanning quite a range of genres. this installment definitely has a hip-hop flavor in its various incarnations. my absolute favorites are dark stripped-down laid-back jazzy grooves on side a - head-nodding rhythms of andrew pekler, followed by heavy dubby vibrating textures of bus, punctuated by a playful jazzy touch here and there (their recent debut on ~scape is well worth checking out, judging by this single track); and of course jan jelinek is above any competition with his dreamy jazzy mood, soft and hypnotic with its intentional imperfections and steadily building ambience.

side b is occupied by kit clayton, john tejada and cappablack with more conventional hip hop tracks. they possess plenty of energy and drive, not to mention a healthy dose of funkiness; but at the same time they have none of the deep refined atmosphere that I have always liked ~scape for. second vinyl picks up with more laid-back spacey atmospheres based on minimal techno - yet another side of the label's direction presented by thomas fehlmann. deadbeat follows with one of my favorites on this compilation - very minimal deep composition in the well-known ~scape manner; quietly following along the lines of minimal beats, random noises and melancholic touches of melody. process closes side c with an added touch of funk, spicing up its atonal textures. at last, side d closes up with three quite different tracks - from quite pleasant minimal techno of gazoo, to very catchy and very simple electro of antonelli electr, followed by torn jagged rhythms of system.

if nothing else, this compilation is a great way to get an idea about the directions the label is heading in. there are simply no poor tracks, I am sure anyone that enjoyed ~scape output in the past will find something of interest here. it is nice to see that despite the diversity of all the artists presented, there is a constant presence of taste and unifying style. I personally gravitate towards "experimental"-sounding tracks, especially explorations rooted in cold jazzy atmospheres; other more easy-listening tracks lack the contrast of cold angularity and organic elements I have always liked ~scape for.

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