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venetian snares
planet mu   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 10-Sep-2002
this album on planet mu presents all the talents of mr. snares. from track to track he jumps between sinister jazz, hyper-charged breakcore, idm, dark jungle, overwhelmingly complex drum&bass. it is dazzling, entertaining, rich and even the composition is far above usual cut & paste primitive collage techniques often found in the genre.

all of this diversity, however, betrays a lack of focus, inability to take this multi-style sound to the next level, where it stops being the sole means of music making. this is why I keep coming back to "doll doll doll", and keep thinking how in that case the vision of the label pushed the artist in the right direction - he was forced to focus on a few underlying themes and the result was stunning - a solid intense work.

this album overall seems to be a collection of works from an incredibly talented student that cannot hold his attention on one subject for a long time. I do hope this is merely a transitional stage that will result in a number of very stylistically diverse albums; the potential is (as usual) definitely here.

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