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compuglobalhypermeganet 2002
fliesskoma   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2002

this is one of those releases that came from seemingly nowhere and just blew me away. canadian mike savelli is the person behind <tekniq> and his debut on fliesskoma, the label ran by no other than rudy ratzinger and karl kimmerl, immediately takes place in my top10 for 2002.

some of my first references were haujobb circa solutions for a small planet with its stunning melodic textures and early beefcake with their broken beat trickery and underlying dark moods. as I have been listening to <tekniq> again and again, it slowly became an entity on its own, reviving and taking further ideas hinted by the names mentioned above. and yet, one has to understand that those immediate references represent only my most sacred and most influential "yardsticks" - <tekniq> is so much more with their universal appeal - I can see any idm fan falling under its spell - how can one resist a complex menagerie of swirling broken beats that continuously rearrange themselves in endless succession of brilliant sonic textures, carefully weighted abrasive heaviness, contrasted by luminous deep melodies that have none of the primitive na´ve sentiments and banal technology fascination offered by multiple idm clones. <tekniq> creates harmonies that acquire the quality of a soundtrack, where depth and complexity of every track are mind-boggling, and yet the whole album flows effortlessly, offering endless treats not only for sound connoisseur, but also for a casual listener, looking for rich melodies and tight rhythms. do let the "universal" side of this album fool you - although there are a lot of "lighter" compositions, there are moments when a meaty crunchy explosion catches you off-guard, continuing with distorted drum&bass barrage. one has to be careful though, because after two or three repeated listenings, it becomes too sugary, too overproduced, and one craves for irregularities and imperfections.

I am ashamed of using this gimmicky reference, but those of you that have been mourning deeply emotional complex and heavy sound of haujobb might finally find a worthy successor. it is not necessarily the sound, but the feel of that era that is recreated by <tekniq> - vast epic soundscapes possessing an intimate touch, futuristic sound design where every detail matters. one can even recall other multiple reincarnations of d. myer - from architect to his solo fluid drum&bass efforts - <tekniq> takes those ideas and somehow pulls them all together.

this is a single most impressive debuts of this year, immediately identifying fliesskoma as one of the top new labels. come to think of it, this is what I have been looking for from the technoid genre (ever since industrial ceased to exist a few years back) - a solid mindset, rooted in darker moods, serious exploration of new expressive capabilities, offered by the advances in other genres. this is a flawless album that finally brings together all those ideas I have been hunting down in so many genres.

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