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war within breath
malignant   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 24-Aug-2002

Ex.Order is the malicious, incendiary Power Electronics side-project of the supreme creators of dark sonicscape majesty, Inade. Utilizing the inherent talent, along with a scintillating, hot-wired focus, Ex.Order unleash a torrential onslaught of mind-numbing, mind-crushing, mind-altering noise that seers with all the mercy of a pinpoint sunbeam through the magnifying glass and into the stitched open eye during a particularly festive interrogation. Honed and destructive to perfection!

The twelve tracks are culled from the Law Of Heresy tape release, as well as live and unreleased material. Opening with the deep fried electronics of "Distinctive Morality," the torture commences. The caustic foundation is embroidered with samples outlining the strategy of terror; a stentorian pummel and crash of metal on concrete; and squirming, semen ejaculated electronics, warbling in furious, moist slathering madness. All the while, a faint heartbeat throbs in the background, a trace of humanity amidst the swirling, radiation infused noise (but just a trace, keeping the victim alive for further heinous ministrations). The title track sounds as though it will explode off the launching pad, while a more insistent pulse tattoos the warzone with urgency. The vehement, abyssal noise is littered with gunfire, bullets ricocheting off of bones and hope, bombs tearing limbs from sockets, aircraft in kamikaze mode, the horrendous scream of agony - this is the soundtrack of war in all its gore-encrusted glory and brutal reality. There is a tension here, heightening the air of mortality; it is the survival instinct infused with an adrenaline drip that flows like a flood, coursing through anxious veins (adrenaline being the drug of choice under these atrocious circumstances). The mind control aspirations reach their apex during the harsh glare sonics of "No Surrender," introduced by the sample that begins, "Let's destroy the mind that makes words and sentences" and ends with "then photograph your corpse and keep the picture handy for a time when it can be used more effectively." The sample is squished beneath a cluster of venomous noises that includes a vicious, acidic rubbing sound (brain skid blowout!), piercing tones that vibrate to the marrow, and grinding, shuffling tones that plod forward with relentless insistence, all within the spiraling razor Jacuzzi triggered in the victim's feeble, weary, waning and defeated mind. It is past the point of purpose; now, it is done for sadistic joy. "Prayers Of New Holocaust" opens with spooky, freaky fluttering electronics amidst what could be spastic monkeys. The sounds bleed into another pulsing background that holds the stream of radio-squelch static in its terminal embrace, bound together with samples spewing old-time racial hatred, which still resonates with disturbing power and discomfort. One would think the disparate nature of the collection would result in a jarring, disconnected mish-mash. Quite the contrary, the Power Electronics structures here, though drawn from a three-year time period, mesh into a jarring, unforgiving tour de force, released in concentrated spasms of molten aggression with absolutely no restraint. Mastered to decimate one's speakers by Malignant Sound Technologies (of course), War Within Breath is one of the two finest Power Electronics releases - ever!

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