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machiste vs. the isolations
we save the music landscape
thrill beat construction   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Aug-2002

that intriguing appearance on debut threrillbeatconstruction compilation turned out to be a side project of beefcake that for this release has teamed up with the isolations, bringing in the tunes that could only be described as coolest retro electronica. there is a skanfrom mix, two versions by machiste, and one by the isolations.

admittedly, my exposure to the roots of the genre is still quiet limited, so the first and the strongest comparison I can make is bochum welt material - tight robotic percussion that establishes persistent mechanized flow (undoubtedly conceived with mad scientist glee), complemented by sweet analog synths. the picture would not be complete without the presence of awkward vocoded voice, reciting romantic verses in the distance with seductive mannequin-like stiffness (it is impossible to resist the ultimate coolness of mosca via - the vocals, the samples (the sound of the plane tops it off just perfectly), the minimalism and the melody).

at first glance, this genre walks a fine line between kitsch and newly revived and re-interpreted fascination with technology. but despite a healthy dose of self-irony, this music is not this simple. it is the style that brings back unaltered and pure need for innovation, definitely nostalgic in its drive for simplicity and vintage sound (that adds yet another dimension of pure historical and collector's satisfaction), acquiring more depth in contemporary context, with its synthesis of modern and retro elements. I might inflict accusations in music snobbery, but I dare notice that one can fully appreciate this music only having listened to the electronic pioneers, moved on to more complex genres, and finally, completing the circle, came back to the albums like this.

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