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electric birds
mille plateaux   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 7-Aug-2002

after I have been addicted to shifting beatless ambience of strata frames for quite some time, gradations came along. at first I really was not sure about its more rhythmic side, bordering on really minimal glitch techno, but as the time passed, it mattered less and less, as the whole album began to work as a whole, creating a solid atmosphere that took deep ambient collages of strata frames and started building on top of them - either re-creating them in the realm of dubby techno, or quietly pulsating atmospheric compositions, or even bordering on idm with its regular, slightly quirky percussion, reminding me of l'usine.

this ever-present mesmerizing melancholy, dreamy melody floating amongst gentle angular noises and distant atonal movements captures you right from the start. it alternates between few rhythmic textures, with clicks and whirs and broken acoustic noises forming a delicate framework filled with intangible atonal melodic touches, that quietly fluoresce and morph into each other, every once in a while sparkling with a caustic sound splinter.

the incredible sense of melody and depth that brought strata frames to my attention are present here as well, but overall feel has shifted into more punctuated, more prominent textures, displaying more variety of styles and an interesting progression from the initial ideas of strata frames. those two albums should really go together, complementing each other, extending and contrasting. anyone with a taste for precision of glitch, complex deep ambience, stylish minimalism and overall deeply evocative compositions should not less this album go unnoticed.

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