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power and steel   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 26-Jul-2002

virologic is a side project of predominance, geared towards more mechanized soundscapes. a small 3" with just one track, filled with squished, splintery, squirming noises, swirling against the backdrop of bass-heavy vibrating feedback. very dense feel to it, pressing against your ears, entertaining you with small muffled bursts of static, and scraping noises with an occasional heavy crash. overall it is a very pleasant small work, with abrasive saturated textures, but without the aggression of power electronics - mechanized, almost rhythmic with its steady drony feel, but not boring due to the layers of various nicely processed sounds. so often i hear similar work with tons of found/created sounds that are not treated properly, sticking out like sore thumbs, being more of a disjointed sound collection. gone are the days when it was the essense of music, it is time to move on and actually create something out of them - this is what virologic is doing. bugged is a very smooth, enveloping work, it even reminded me of heavier, quieter, more subtle suspicion breeds confidence.

the 3" format is perfect for this work - packaged in a very subtle and detailed abstraction based on the general insects theme, the music carries a solid feel throughout the disk, resulting in a very focused, solid 20 minutes of music.

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