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mémoires paramoléculaires
hushush   2002
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"le tourne-disque"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 23-Jul-2002

throughout the years vromb has always occupied a special place in my collection. hugo's work gradually progresses towards more academic proportions, without losing his alternative (for the lack of better word) edge. this album on hushush fits nicely with the overall style of the label, exploring various dimensions of electroacoustic minimal electronica. perhaps it might be reminiscent of his earlier work on tesco, somewhat quieter, more subtle, with an additional rhythmic touch displayed by his last albums.

mémoires paramoléculaires starts out with deep flowing ambience and fills the room with cold layered textures, slowly crackling, pulsating with cold analog lines, it quietly proceeds towards building dense rhythmic collages, putting the listener into a peculiar trance-like head-nodding state. first few tracks are heavier, more enveloping, more full than previous material, it still has this familiar analog touch, the academic anachronism elevated to the level of aesthetics, refined analog minimalism, slowly building up, swelling around swirling, vibrating noises. it is not aggressive, but it has this pulsating tension that at times whips into the frenzy of oscillating frequencies. hypnotic, mesmerizing, creating its own universe full of otherworldly devices, fascinating with mad science of analog primitivism and seducing with its almost poetic low-fi mysteriousness - to anyone that has experienced vromb in past few years no more introduction is required.

overall mémoires paramoléculaires leans more towards quieter cinematic ambience - yet another successful realizations of vromb's conceptual world.

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