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perspective fragments
u-cover   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jul-2002

this compilation from u-cover pulls together the best names on the label; u-cover has been quietly pursuing many forms of idm reincarnations with remarkable taste and consistency for quiet some time now, and this is yet another example of their refined selection.

I should mention the highlights right away. although the whole compilation is undeniably impressive, there are a few tracks I could consider the best material from the respective bands. first of all, the track that could make a grown man cry - one of the most amazing mixes I have heard in a while (it alone is well worth purchasing this disk) - quench remixing lusine icl's freak - ambient waves, as if bold broad streaks on canvas, are punctuated by continuous shuffling, breaking beats in the usual multilayered manner of quench. the balance is stunning, it seems as if funckarma's heaviness and density got spread over the vast landscape, lifted off the ground with towering melodic sweeps.

next memorable composition is funckarma with the track that is so pleasantly dark, with brooding deep basslines and spacey feel, more punctuated than their recent efforts, it brings back the memories of early funckarma material that got me addicted back in the day. yet another outstanding track is things end where they start by llips. - it represents everything I have always liked about this project - starting with slowly building rhythms, similar to starfish pool's textures, and then progressing along with atonal acoustic sweeps, only to dissolve in beautiful vocals at the end of the track.

the rest of the compilation continues exploring various sides of idm, from a quiet start with crackling emotional ambience by electric birds and unusually sweet and quiet tim koch, to kettel's track that is a bit less fluid than his full-length on neo ouija, a bit overloaded at first, but later it gets off the ground thanks to its strange exotic feel, and heavier saturated percussion. crunch, as usual, is smooth and perfectly rhythmic with addictive heavy touch. buddy system with its arovane-like quiet flow and phonem's heavy feel, is melodic and attractive. l'usine's composition is strangely tense, a bit murky, lacking the drive and emotion I got used to.

this sampler should attract quite a lot of attention of those that have not heard of u-cover before; for me it was yet another confirmation of label's vision and future direction.

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