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muta   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jun-2002
lautwandel is a project of carsten endrass, better known under his markant moniker. this record is released on his own muta label, but despite different name and different label, it is the same old markant I have grown to enjoy so much. it is a little smoother than his "best of" collection "infam" and a bit more fuzzy and idm-like than his latest "vice versa". it has this soft flowing technoid feel with small tingling keys and layers upon layers of misty electronica, backed by subtle abrasive bass drops; constantly shuffling rich textures, that are both gritty and quiet. this rustling, uneasy atmosphere with a hint of melancholy and subtle rough edge is what always attracted me in his music. I still cannot quite place and explain my fascination with his sound, but it is unlike anything in the idm scene, toying with darker technoid soundscapes, not afraid to use heavier, noisier elements and at the same time managing to remain dreamy and abstract, mysterious and emotional. now if I could only trace his remaining 25+ vinyls to complete my markant collection.

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