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venetian snares
higgins ultra low track glue funk hits 1972 - 2006
planet mu   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 21-Jun-2002

this brand new release from mr. snares is yet another unstoppable mix of countless styles and genres, fused together in most unexpected ways. a healthy dose of humorous funk, cut-up hip-hop, jazz, odd samples, high-speed tangled breakbeats and overall atmosphere of delirious, gloriously spontaneous fun.

this album has it all - from quite interesting combination of furious jazz passages with underlying breakbeat textures (quite impressive combination), to dark dramatic breakcore. you will even find a quieter ambient piece and plenty of good ol' broken stuttering beats, piled up with seemingly impossible complexity, and yet somehow managing to retain their balance.

only if you have heard countless breakbeat records out there you would appreciate the skill of mr. snares - no matter how bizarre and out of place his music ingredients might be, almost each track remains a cohesive, solid composition, carrying on with his usual drive and intensity. it has no eerie sinister feel that still makes "doll doll doll" my favorite release, it is not cold, angular, impersonal "songs about my cats", it has no abrasive grittiness of "making orange things"; it is something else - something fun, something interesting, something crazy - something for the whole family to enjoy.

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