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monstrum sepsis
deep sea creatures
self-released   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 14-Jun-2002

over the years i have been following r. wentz & p. karlik's pathway as musicians; they have pursued vast directions of electronic music from agrro-industrial to dark electro, from dark ambient to experimental electronics. many tracks have been very accomplished and served as nice representations for the styles they were composed in. some of them still have the charm they possessed when i first heard them. well after receiving this demo from r. wentz awhile back in chicago, and listening to this for the past several months, i have to say this is some of his most aspiring and concentrated collection of work to date.

it is very tough to peg the sound of this release into a direct or particular genre because of the nice diversity it has to offer. i would have to say that this release starts more on the darker electro ambient edge for the first 4-5 tracks, while tracks such as 7,8,11 lean on a dark ebm side then further engaging in almost rhythmic noise directions with tracks such as 10 & 12. for example, the first track opens with beautifully desolate pads that ascend while slow synthetic rhythms creep and erupt within. the second track works with some dark elusive arpeggiation chords, strange lurking samples, violated with intense assaults. track three layers frozen synthetic swells, subtle piano chords, that slowly are threaded by irresistible assault rhythms.

meanwhile track ten engages barriers of disruptive modulations, hyper-synthetic assaults, and hazardous percussive elements. track twelve blends dark ebm militant beats, flammable synthetic assaults, and soft chords arrangements. track thirteen engages attractive bio-synthetic rhythms, soft piano melodics, scourging assaults, introspective samples that combust with nice intensity.

this is just a small example of what this musician has to offer. monstrum sepsis has always kept things intricate, yet chaotic, always remaining true to the darker, more introspective nature of their electro style. with two very nice respective collections of material on the syncromesh label from the past few years, who knows what's in store for this brilliant musician? it would not surprise me to see monstrum sepsis get finally signed to a bigger label.

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