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antigen shift
self-released   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

my first exposure to antigen shift was "subsnow 02-02" ad noiseam tour compilation, next was his impressive live set at providence noise festival. finally I got my hands on his demo, and (as expected) it truly is a remarkable material.

in brief, his music is a shattering saturated mix of monstrous compressed beats and layers upon layers of vibrating, squealing, pulsating dark noise textures. there is a constant presence of this raw, distorted underlying feel - a deep mass of splintery, bass-heavy noise, processed feedback attacks with true intensity of power electronics, joined by caustic explosions and rhythmic blasts that could be anything from piled-up broken beats to dirty, abrasive drum & bass.

this peculiar raw feel is what gets to me so much on this album; it is as if death industrial and power electronics met rhythmic noise in a combination that I have always been looking for. the aggression and heaviness of "inexplicit" leaves far behind those in the modern rhythm 'n' noise scene that more and more prefer straightforward pounding percussion, substituting density and heaviness with speed and repetition. at the same time, it supersedes usual power electronics efforts that too often lack heaviness and seem too "flat" to me. from the contrast and balance of these various elements crystallizes a unique vision, something that demands your attention and in turn rewards you.

this constant underlying chaos, these vibrating torn-up textures, punctuated by tweaked strings and spontaneous noises add so much depth to his sound, transferring it from the realm of pure aggression into more sophisticated world, where beyond these obvious emotions lies so much more, only contrasted, re-shaped, transformed by the initial impression. this depth of sound, depth of perception (if you will), multitude of interpretations/moods (when one does this sort of gradual decomposition of the sound, shifting one's focus, considering different perspectives) is what pulls me back each time I listen to this disk.

this is an outstanding release, and I am looking forward to his material released as a split album between frozen empire media and force of nature.

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