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ten inch
delikatessen   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

delikatessen records is the label that pursues very effective strategy of carefully picking only a handful of material from rather well-established bands and presenting them in most appealing way, catering to fetishistic (in a good sense, of course) and highly selective electronica crowd. it is almost impossible to lose in this case, but one still has to compliment them for their excellent choice and taste. so far I have highly enjoyed their lusine icl release, and looking forward to metamatics material.

first track has a slight touch of hip-hop (for the lack of a better reference for its few cut-up muffled vocal samples, a handful of scratches and overall head-nodding pace) with gentle glitch and dreamy delicate melody. next track continues with similar very intricate, but laid-back and non-demanding pace, weaving delicate rhythmic textures. these two tracks are a continuation of the style presented on their debut full-length album (which still remains a favorite of mine) and following "laurel" ep. the closing track is much simpler minimal atmopsheric glitch with a few appealing basslines.

this is certainly one of those releases that are so easy to swallow (continuing with the food theme), instantly appealing, and even the short attention span of internet generation can capture it and enjoy it.

the whole food analogy is a bit reminiscent of eat this label ideology, but overall is a bit more stylized and appealing, creating another playground for associated imagery and propaganda. I am sure there are plenty of other treats in store for this small label, so prepare yourself.

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    by anton (anton at nezzwerk dot com) on 28-Apr-2016 15:36