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telefon tel aviv
fahrenheit fair enough
hefty records   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 28-May-2002

it's been months and months since I got this album. I waited and waited, being cautious of not giving it too rave of a review, and also trying to muster the courage to write something profound about this release, something that would describe its atmosphere, its sound, the emotions it brings; too bad it's an impossible task. at this point I am sure that most of you have heard of it (at least), and I can just mention a few things that stood out for me.

telefon tel aviv is a collaboration between joshua eustis and charles cooper; as far as I know, this is their first full-length album; there have been a few compilation appearances as well as a film score for "new port south."

"fahrenheit fair enough" is a perfect album in many respects - everything from stellar production to superb sense of melody and composition just falls into place. dreamy pensive melodies are tightly woven into the music, gently shaped with acoustic instruments; little glitchy sounds, tight beats, combination of warm acoustic elements and caustic angular idm toys - all of this somehow flows together in this very "mature", incredibly balanced way, fascinating you with expansive rich melodies, dazzling with subtle layered complexity, teasing with a distant acoustic touch.

every single track shines on its own, but after you are done listening to the album it leaves this warm rich afterglow, something you come back in your mind and savor again and again - from dreamy quieter moods with spontaneous small crackles and intricate whirrs to stunningly epic moments.

this is one of very, very few albums that combines idm and acoustic elements in such a smooth, seamless way; this particular blend is what I have always been looking for; it seems like telefon tel aviv found their own way of interpreting it, and, frankly, I have failed to find anything as good as this album.

crisp without sounding brittle, heavy without being pretentious, acoustic and yet remaining unmistakably electronic, dreamy without losing its superb rhythmic appeal, layered without losing subtlety. this is the album that should not be missed by any means, and I consider it the most successful hefty release to date.

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