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electric birds
strata frames
u-cover   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 26-May-2002

I have immediately recognized this release as the best from the band (after listening to other full lengths ("panorama", "electric birds") and vinyl releases). somehow it all just came together on this album - one of the most impressive examples of glitch genre I have encountered. mike martinez (based in seattle) is the person responsible for electric birds (as well as deluxe label).

the album is a flowing minimal excursion into an emotional and transparent world of electric birds; slightly off-focus atonal ambience sparkled with tiny clicks and cuts, gentle melodic lines, percussion that alternates between deep bass groove and spontaneous beat drops. the atmosphere that the album creates is what captures one instantly - deep, meditative, rich and yet elegantly minimal. it is never dry or artificial despite its clicks+cuts nature, it always has a direction, moving and progressing, whether in a form of fluid dark techno or waves and waves of pulsating layered ambience.

"strata frames" is cold and angular, very clean and precise but with a depth of emotion and melancholy seeping through in the form of gentle analog touches and atonal strings. it is very geometric in a sense, both strict and playful, it lets you dream and feel, but structures it, organizes it and gives it a direction and a flow. this is the glitch that I like - dreamy, deep, emotional, distant and yet so organic and even moving.

if you were to get just one electric birds album, this is definitely the first candidate. "strata frames" comes in u-cover's familiar stellar packaging, as refined and limited as usual. needless to say, it is a must for anyone interested in "glitch with a human touch".

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