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boards of canada
warp   2002
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"in a beautiful place out in the country"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Mar-2002

this is one of those album that does not need time to figure out where it stands compared to its predecessors, "geogaddi" immediately grabs your attention and you realize that this is indeed boards of canada, as talented as before, as good as expected.

I have been listening to "geogaddi" for few weeks now, and somehow it never seems to be enough, there is something elusive, something mysterious about this album that makes me play it again and again, trying to completely immerse myself in this rich, meditative atmosphere. its quiet ambience is a mix of almost childish charm, distanced and transformed into fading memories, washed with waves of warm textures, deep strings and sparse percussion drops. slowly evolving melody is gracefully built upon atonal strings, a touch of exotic tribal drums on "alpha and omega" and "the beach at redpoint", swaying mass of atonal melody in "dawn chorus" that works out so well, complemented with cut-up vocal samples, sentimental vocoder work on infinitely melancholic "music is math" built around heavy beats. this balance of melody and atonality, that sometimes creates an effect that the track is played backwards, smoothed out with lush melodic lines and warm fuzziness, adding some more of this retro-touch ("sunshine recorder" drenched in luminous shimmering analog textures, punctuated with spontaneously dropping beats or enigmatic, slightly off-focus, charmingly blurry perspective of "julie and candy", or simply irresistable naivety and groove of "1969" with amazing processed voice that imprints itself in your head); this combination works out so well and is instantly recognizable as duo's sound. elegant, hypnotizing, melancholic and lively, sincere and intriguing - this is "geogaddi".

the albums leaves an impression that like its predecessor it will stand the test of time; once again boards of canada manages to stick to their style aand create yet another collection of outstanding material.

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