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until tomorrow
morr music   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 5-Mar-2002

I have not heard anything about manual (jonas munk) until this full-length debut on morr music. soft mellow motives of this album might remind you of mum with its light childishness and warm minimalism, at times it might bring back "tides" by arovane with its acoustic, almost beatless sound. manual relies on strings and keys for most of its arrangements, percussion serves not as a structural/driving force, but more of a background texture, accompanied with little bleeps, hisses, scratches sparsely placed on top of melodic layers. I think this is where the album loses me, and it might be just a matter of "teaching" myself and getting to know how to appreciate this sound. this very "secondary" function of percussion results in the sound that might appear too "bleak" at first.

when percussion does emerge though, it shines with gentle, unobtrusive complexity, a strange balance between quiet warm ambience and layered tangled beats. my favorite tracks are those where percussion is dropped almost at random, delayed, paused, creating a very unexpected and interesting sound (that does require some patience and good set of headphones to appreciate fully) - "nova", "inn", "it'll be fine", "lunate". take "frequently" for example, each step, each drop of percussion is accompanied by a small pause, a delay before the next movement. this eclectic, intensified sensitivity and refinement is the signature trait of this album.

manual lives up to the standards set by morr music, it resides in quieter, warmer part of idm genre; attentive listener will be able to find many lovely treats among quiet transparency and spontaneity of sound. it took me some time to get into it, but it might be well worth the effort.

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