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hand-picked fragments
suction records   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2002

skanfrom is berlin's roger semsroth; his previous appearances were "snow robots" compilations on suction records. "hand picked fragments" is his debut that is much in the vein of bochum welt (an undisputable master of this style) solvent and other prominent labelmates - catchy analog melodies, firm percussion and a great blend of 80s synths and some of the modern idm textures.

I cannot see how anyone can resist his simple lush melodies, vintage electronica, sparkling with naivete and charm of that period; skanfrom is not always that soft and simple, if you listen closely, underneath dangerously captivating melodies there are plenty of strong, minimal electro beats; of course, when you sprinkle a wealth of little videogame electronica noises and synthlines on top, the result is what suction records is after - a timeless fusion of melodies and electronica.

anyone that is familiar with the genre probably has this release already, to those that are just getting into it, this is something not to miss.

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