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coagulating wreckage
spectre   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2002

this first full length for iszoloscope comes two years after the initial creation of this project. the person behind the band is yann faussurier of canada. after hearing this album, I could only imagine how impressive his live set was during maschinenfest 2001.

"coagulating wreckage" is a mix of saturated power electronics, cold atmospheric drones and bombastic rhythmic assaults. chilling ambient landscapes with corroded percussion drops and swarming pool of insect noises build up to massive percussion outbreaks. purposefully monotonous, the tracks tread through saturated basslines and vibrating waves of noise. compared to most of the material in the genre, iszoloscope has plenty of atmosphere and depth to offer; my favorite tracks on the album are those that contrast distant, almost minimal, soundscapes with avalanche of layered drones and harsh pulsating rhythms. at times the sound would be somewhat "cluttered" on few rhythmic tracks, but with a set of good headphones one can sort out all the issues.

those of you that were lucky enough to get your hands on very limited boxset, have two additional bonus tracks on 7" vinyl, included in embossed carton box.

if you are in the mood for some heavy and layered power electronics, straightforward rhythms and oppressive dark atmospheres, iszoloscope has plenty to offer.

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