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pesticides forever kit
hushush   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 28-Dec-2001
this is the second surrealistic trip from the dr. professor goodseed lasting for 56 minutes and 5 seconds. it will surely extract your mind from what you may think you already know about the moonsanto ranch company. comprised of xingu hill (j. sellekaers & c-drik) and silksaw members rob(u)rang and marc medea. this time around you will enjoy even more bizarre, unmethodical psychotic soundscapes created with various instruments & samples, ranging from bass guitars and samplers to broken organs, toys, and cow rotolactors! this very limited kit comes in a very strange, almost tan wookie hair-like vinyl bag, with one cd (fraud.hell.dope), one limited tape (dr. professor goodseed), an envelope with three secretive ranch co. cards, a personal id card, four promotional stickers, and brown moonsanto shirt. everything you need to rule the world!

this release gathers some very interesting thoughts in a cynical yet surrealistic manner on the governments negligence with our world's pesticide problems. i enjoy the vast strange soundscapes created by these artists that make this release so fascinating, expressive, and illusionary. it reminds me of and relates extremely well to insightful input produced by another alien, known as david thrussell.

moonsanto is using a balanced combination of spoken word, vocal modulations and samples all converging within various strange yet intentional visual atmospheres for us to escape to. categorizing this release to relate to a specific genre is completely impossible, for it covers so many experimental forms of electronica. but if you enjoyed the previous "dogme" release or simply enjoy any or all of these artists' other projects, you will surely enjoy the directions taken on this release. moonsanto, pray for us!

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