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undo[ne] v1
atomick industries   2001
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"delta v"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 27-Dec-2001

although this self-released material is nothing real current from nathan moody that is currently very occupied with his design and illustration work, i still asked for this demo to see what could possibly be released in the future under the name railgun.

this very nicely packaged six track demo release contains tracks that actually sound as if railgun has incorporated more acoustic element in his programming styles. he is utilizing a menagerie of different raw instrumental sounds such as live guitars & bass chords (both acoustic & electric), live snares & drums, and a variety of other raw instruments I can not directly identify. the programming style is lot more loungy and laid-back, comparative to the very energetic and erratic sound of "delta v." think jazz & lounge basics meet industrial mentality, this might be one way to describe moody's style on these tracks.

even though i was not completely enthralled by this direction taken on this six track demo, i can say i will still be keeping an eye out for more upcoming releases from this artist.

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