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lament configuration
low resolution sweep
ncc records   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by dean on 21-Dec-2001; last updated on 28-Dec-2001 by anton
When i received the latest from the NCC label the bag had already been cut open, perhaps I'm paranoid, but i do believe that someone at our fine postal service believed that the small device that was enclosed may have been a bomb, it's actually just the latest gimmick in packaging from the creative genius behind NCCs cd cases, but this cd single needs no gimmicks.

The music easily stands on its own. The cd single comes bolted between two pieces of sheet metal, you can't really get more industrial than that. So, what about the music? It's actually some of the most innovative music in the so-called rhythmic noise genre that I've heard recently. This music could easily make it on ant-zen, but would probably find a better home on the illustrious hymen label. Although at times the music is harsh, it fails to follow the stereotypical sound of so many bands that attempt to merely clone the ant-zen sound. the harshness is also tempered by some melodic and almost emotional ambient influences, somewhat reminding me of early Aphex or even Vangelis. Add to this some well placed hardcore beats and some experimental mutterings, and you have a very eclectic and nearly brilliant piece of work. I highly recommend this album, and hey, it'll only set you back six dollars with postage.

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    NCC/ and the post office (160 characters)
    by fakeplastic ( on 20-Feb-2002 05:54i have noticed this problem with the post office opening all our stuff. they were doing it before all the stuff with U.S. mail started happening. very strange!

    re: NCC/ and the post office (32 characters)
    by endlich ( on 28-Nov-2018 06:05<script>alert("hui");</script>

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    re: NCC/ and the post office (11 characters)
    by endlich ( on 28-Nov-2018 06:05ur fgt

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