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device rider
device electronic recordings   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 17-Dec-2001
this is datathief's premier mondo cool release that i have been enjoying for over three months and never seem to ever grow tired, no matter how many times i listen to it. this three track ep is packaged in sleek blue plastic sleeve with the device logo in silver ink and pressed on normal cold black vinyl. gique (aka mike hopkins of datathief) has composed two very quantum tracks that will surely impress just about anyone that appreciates good electronic music, period!

on side a, "coolwarezdude" engages beautifully lush yet cold strings that burst into very addictive and bouncy analog melodies that glide smoothly forward within a layer of old-school snappy electro beats and tranquil choruses that reflect the dreams of robots in space. on side b, "device rider" steps the tempo down to a little darker, more introspective reverb harmonies, deep basslines, and unmethodical cool rhythms. the composition of this track is relentless in structure and dynamics and truly addictive any day of the week. the second track "coolwarezmaster", remixed by mat101 provides us with a killer noir approach to side a's track and shifts the entire attitude of the composition towards a very cool direction, so uniquely inspired by john carpenter's "assault on precinct 13" opening theme.

device electronic's founder brian flanagan (also one half of datathief) has definitely something good going on here with his label and seems to have many new promising directions yet to be seen in store for us. a long overdue review, but a truly timeless release that i highly recommend to all.

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