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cex + venetian snares
the "connected" series #2
klangkrieg   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Dec-2001
on this 12" vinyl tigerbeat6 own cex (aka rjyan kidwell) joins forces with venetian snares (aaron funk), creating four tracks that range from demented drill&bass to funky broken mix of idm and drum&bass that cex is famous for.

this vinyl is a lot of fun, and I am glad to see best features from both musicians here complex percussion structures backed by quirky idm and key sequences. "eleven million dollars worth of stolen bearer bonds" (written by cex) is a favorite of mine, starting out with quiet electro interlude with delicate strings that develops into epic drum&bass with cold, almost industrial, overtones. following "eleven million panda bears in bondage" (a remix of previous track by venetian snares) is dazzling drill&bass chaos with bubbling quirky noises.

"how to steal and store an ice sculpted bear" (by venetian snares) continues where previous side left off with more intricate percussion, collapsing rhythms and bizarre samples, that reminded me of funkier, more emotional fun tracks off "songs about my cats." finally "ice pirate not steeler" (remix of previous track by cex) closes the record with goofy and catchy drum&bass rhythms and samples that is undeniably cex at its best.

this is the best of two worlds, and something I would recommend to fans of both musicians.

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