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rich kid
bad man
mirex   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2001
this short 7" on mirex is yet another face of mathis mootz, better known as panacea. this time around it is ragga drum&bass, destructive and yet funky mix with reggae breakdowns and vocals samples, appropriate for this style.

I am not sure how popular this style is anymore, but I have to say that this record is dangerously contagious. just imagine slow and heavy drum&bass in the best traditions of "low profile darkness" spliced with funky reggae vocals and tunes. pile up plenty of noise, distorted dirty beats and all kinds of funky samples and you get the idea how "ganja smoker" and "bad man anthem" really sound like - odd, bizarre, strange, aggressive and yet so much fun.

drop your guard and simply enjoy the atmosphere, let me tell you it is worth it, even as a break from anything else you might be listening to.

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