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holger czukay
la luna
tone casualties
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tone casualties
holger czukay

album rating: 3

submitted by ben on 3-Nov-2001
Back in the late '60s Holger Czukay was a founding member of the influential band Can. Though he left Can in 1977, he has kept himself busy creating music ever since, accumulating an impressive resume of projects and collaborations over the years that includes work with Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Jah Wobble and The Eurythmics, among others.

La Luna is his third release on Tone Casualties, a label dedicated to "unconventional sound adventures" in electronic music. Czukay definitely fits the bill. One lengthy, 47-minute track, this drawn-out "electronic night ceremony," as Czukay calls it, was recorded live in back in May of '96. The ritualistic bent of the theme is complemented by the music's hypnotic effect.

Methodic and repetitive, La Luna is very simple, almost minimalistic. It starts out with rhythmic, low-set drones and high-pitched, electronic metronome percussion that keeps the slow, gradual beat. Together this loops on and on, seemingly endless, while another layer, the wild card of sorts, adds a variety of subtle experimentation and sampling to liven up the mix.

Though the general tempo and overall sound of the music remains a constant throughout the piece, there is still some variety, however slight. The only other contributor, u-she, interrupts the disc's instrumental streak and adds a touch of her strong, beautiful voice at around the 30 minute mark, which really strengthens the sound and resembles an invocation to the "goddess of the moon." Some ominous chanting after this further adds to the ritualistic element of the disc.

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