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inonia 3"
crunch pod media
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album rating: 2

submitted by ben on 3-Nov-2001
Crunch Pod's series of 3" CD-Rs continues, this time featuring a lengthy track from Sweden's Ovum. Karl Midholm produces some of the most minimal sounds I've heard, and Inonia is no exception.

The first seven minutes of the track feature a simple, repetitive loop of subtle noise. Eventually some soundscapes slowly enter into the equation; quiet at first, then gradually picking up in volume and intensity. By the 15-minute mark the original loop is buried in subdued distortion and manipulated hissing, with a slight, rumbling static providing the new base of the track. The initial repetition persists behind it all, and by the end of the 18-minute track it's all alone again, pulsing into oblivion.

This is a well-constructed track - some of the better Ovum material I've heard. And given the rate of his recent productivity I'm sure there will be a great deal more to look forward to.

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