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hellfish & producer
no mistakes allowed
deathchant   2000
  see also
"constant mutation"

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 27-Oct-2001

I have tracked down this release after being exposed to very impressive "constant mutation" on planet mu. "no mistakes allowed" is an excellent example of hardcore genre, assorted from tracks produced over the course of 1994-2000 by both hellfish and producer. I have to admit that I like this definitely "older"-sounding material more than recently released "meat market broadcast system" by hellfish on planet mu. maybe it is my limited exposure to the genre showing, but I find high-speed violence and dark energy of "no mistakes allowed" a lot more alluring than sometimes plain uninteresting solo output by hellfish (of course that album is still quite appealing and definitely deserves a review of its own).

going back to "no mistakes allowed" - if you are in the mood for dark, high-speed broken beats, lots of sci-fi and occasional hip hop samples (strangely enough, I do not really mind the latter, since they introduce a nice goofy and energetic touch, never becoming too corny), a lot of high-energy splatter broken beats and noises, this is the release to look into. what really impressed me was the heaviness and density of this album, as well as impressive usage of key sequences and dark dramatic strings, creating unexpectedly varied and dark atmosphere, something I did not expect from this genre. those elements definitely elevate this cd above many, many other acts in this scene.

you should not focus on a few silly and overly "ordinary"-sounding tracks, and instead enjoy incredibly powerful mix of overloaded bass-driven aggression, broken high-speed violence that could easily match anything that the industrial crowd has been raving about as of late - be it kate mosh or even some venetian snares. of course, you have to be aware of the inherent occasional goofiness that comes with the genre, but in this case they are barely a distraction, at times working out quite well.

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