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hong kong counterfeit
metal disco
erkrangkung durch musique   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 24-Oct-2001
this beautifully addictive picture disc ep from retro disco-tech artists katya casio and agent 6581 (inform3r) presents us with four very flashy and irresistible grooves that completely capture the sense of early 80's underground electro-tech styles that have been long forgotten. displaying a powerful force with very enticing analog melodic grooves, seductive female vocals, and cold-metallic rhythms, these artist make an impression that we will be seeing more of their work here in the future.

the picture disc contains beautiful retro-futuristic 80's fashion shots of deejay, designer; katya casio by rachel klienman that work so perfectly with release's retro-cool feel. on the first side, "discotto plastique" engages with very attractive analog italo-disco melodies that flow alongside bouncy, fun rhythms. envisioning dreams of plastic-fashion, retro-punk hair, bright-red lipstick, and dark eyeliner styles moving around in shadowy corners of a very exclusive and underground retro-punk-disco-electro club. a perfect introduction and rejuvenated idealism to a long forgotten style. legowelt vs orgue electronique takes on the next track with a mix of "metal disco" pushing a more mechanical and downtempo groove of the b-side that paces along nicely with weird robotic hard-beats and fun movements.

the other side harnesses the title track with strange analog harmonies and grooves with snappy old school beats and freaky android vocals. it shows such an alien-retro atmosphere reminding of an era of when missing persons was really new and fresh to the music scene, dale bozzio was a sex symbol, and space 1999 was so strangely cool. the last track, "stronger", my absolute favorite, energetically assaults you with its mondo cool sythnthetic step harmonix and everlasting rhythms that spiral forward around very sleek and sexy vocal stylings. this track reminds me so much of legowelt and gorgio moroder's excellent work. the stellar programming makes this one of the best suggestions to any dj who spins killer retro disco-tech club floor grooves.

this is hong kong counterfiet's first direct release, but certainly will not be their last. these guys shine with something very, very unique, something i have been waiting for such a long time, and now i think i have found it.

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