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outward music   1998
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 23-Oct-2001

standing apart from most of the idm artist these past few years, the bucholtz brothers (franz & jason) show the listener vast sound-perspectives that mesh the same idealism of such artist as tangerine dream (early), the cure (early), ultra milkmaids, llips, starfish pool, this mortal coil, and even casino vs. japan. beautiful, divine, and mystical backdrops to a pleasant daydream can be one way to describe signaldrift in direct overview.

utilizing a variety of instruments such as guitars, bass, violin, and live percussion in non-traditional formats of presentation and composition is one key to the uniqueness of this band's sound. the sound works on a variety of emotional settings from melancholic guitar harmonies and funky grooves, to that of shadowy introspective pads and deep undertones.

this full-length release starts out with "pargo theme" that engages with haunting off-world frequencies and cold pads that merge with slow funk-driven rhythms. feather-like guitar melodies float to the foreground and fade with hypnotic intensity on track two, "song 8." while "circuit plateau" portrays a very enticingly atmospheric sound much like that of casino vs. japan's work. encompassing layered guitar chords, cold pads, and subtle bass lines that blend and build to uniform funk trip-hop beats.

"norway" experiments with a more digital sound, incorporating nice gliding synthetic rhythms with lush introspective pad work that ascends with beautiful velocity. track ten, "tiger's dream" is the perfect gem of this release giving us eighteen full minutes of atmospheric ambient bliss reminding so much of early tangerine's dream more noir work. the track slowly engages with eerie crying pads that evolve and fold into trance inducing tribal beats. this track then fades to another level of soft misty guitars and frozen pads that spiral to mysterious waves that seem so distant yet universal at the same time.

in conclusion, this full-length release, next to their "bremen" ep, touches new ground and perspectives in blissful ambient idm genres and makes this one of the newly discovered gems of this year for me. this is definitely a band that does not disappoint.

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