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venetian snares
doll doll doll
hymen   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 29-Sep-2001
well over a year ago, when I first heard “shiver in eternal darkness,” I remember saying that this material should have been released on hymen, since that album clearly stood out among its peers in the genre.

there are two things that really get to me in breakcore genre – bad production and sloppy attitude towards presentation and music delivery. this is why I am so glad to see hymen picking up venetian snares. I have always admired high professionalism and presence of taste among those that run the label. I guess, considering my background, I cannot really appreciate tasteless goofiness that often results in poor overall quality of music.

on this album everything that is finally coming together – stellar presentation, excellent mastering and production, and most impressive, darker, slower sound that still has a few familiar bizarre funkiness, be it unexpected downtempo jazzy passages or groovy strings, or screwed-up voice samples. at one point your mind would be racing, trying to catch up with an avalanche of intricate percussion, and just a few second later you will be treated to relaxed quirky ambient, filled with strings and distant noises. if you were feeling nostalgic for the brutality of “making orange things,” you will find plenty of that here, only refined and cleaned up (“pressure torture” pretty much matches the violence and intensity of “fire beats”). I can only welcome this diversity, a definite leap ahead in composition, that would be obvious to anyone that followed all previous venetian snares material. it is the best album to date for venetian snares.

what is unusual about this album, is the atmosphere. a lot of the music in the genre does not really go beyond separate tracks, that at best, shine with well-placed random elements and stellar technical skills. on this album, while keeping true to the ideals of breakcore, mr. snares opens us a whole new world – phantasmagoric, incredibly eerie in its funkiness. his humor is morbid, ingenious and witty in its absolutely stunning combination of so many unusual motives – pleasant dark ambient and jazz, melodic strings that slowly lead to crushing breakcore wall of splatter noises that soon explodes into energetic hip-hop passage. just listen to “dollmaker” – a favorite of mine, almost a symphony in its own, masterfully blending so many references, styles, cultures in one absolutely stunning track that will sooth you with melody, flowing with smooth jazz out of “I rent an ocean,” assault with broken high-bpm drum&bass, leave you speechless afterwards, trying to comprehend how all those elements worked so well together.

take “befriend a childkiller” – slowly dark beginning flows for a few minutes, building atmosphere that later explodes in heavy, corroded, splatter mix of bass-saturated percussion layers, that could remind you the best examples of moody techstep. if you were feeling

a lot of the “traditional” music in this genre is very secondary, based on found samples, that are placed in unusual perspective; the samples that are poorly combined, reminding you a bad pop art collage. this album is a next generation of this music, where you would find all your dreams and hopes for this genre fulfilled in the best way possible, where the overload of information and cultural references are filtered and combined in a seamless way. the result is a treat for any audiophile, a connoisseur of dark noisy music, a breakcore/drum&bass addict and his little five year old. and finally, those industrial purists that were rejecting mr. snares before on the grounds of not being “dark and serious”, can finally come outside and face the world, clutching a copy of “doll doll doll” in their hands.

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