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bad sector
dolmen factory
membrum debile propaganda   1999
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"the harrow"
"ampos (re-release)"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 19-Sep-2001
I would not hesitate to say that bad sector is probably one of the most overlooked and under appreciated bands in the dark ambient scene. I have to confess, a lot of the stuff that people rave about in this genre leaves me cold. I simply do not understand all of the admiration that so many acts get. I tend to suspect that lack of musical exposure to other genres, or fanatical, defensive, conservative attitude has something to do with that.

in any case, I have to say that in no time bad sector became one of my favorite dark ambient bands, rising to the level of those that I consider renowned masters of the genre.

I have been recently discussing the most appropriate visual interpretation of bad sector’s music, trying to put feelings it provokes into some sort of visual form. I guess, ideally, the best examples of dark ambient tend to be very visual, very open to different interpretations. after all, this is *atmospheric* music.

what always impressed me about bad sector’s material, is his ability to combine so many different elements in such a perfect, unique manner. his style is a combination of timeless atmospheric textures with nostalgic low-fi feeling of analog devices and samples used. constant presence and contrast of strings and frequencies, occasional structure and percussion adds multiple layers to his music. I can only marvel at his ability to compose his tracks, achieving such a cohesive, flowing experience, never getting on the nerves of the listener, taking music *somewhere,* not rehashing familiar loops over and over again.

“dolmen factory” cd is a reprint of 1997 tape, with the material originally recorded between 1994 and 1996. this time around the source of additional samples was echocardiogram machine, which probably explains the track names.

this release emphasizes strings and comes closer to the more industrial sound of “ampos” or any other early bad sector material. it is more melodic, even fragile at times, as opposed to later material like “the harrow.” don’t get me wrong, it still has the noisy corroded textures overlaid with dark sweeping waves of cold electronica, but at the same time the melody, and at times, the rhythm, are always present, somewhat reminding me of more complex version of “hindenberg” by predominance in that respect, but with heavier, noisier, more dense atmosphere.

few opening tracks establish epic, almost tribal atmosphere where deep basslines rumble and crash through dense frequencies. distant strings and myriad of mysterious samples echo throughout the track. these almost symphonic arrangements, this dense pool of sound is infinitely mysterious, strangely intriguing. it is both harsh and beautiful, the combination that is rarely achieved this seamlessly and with this much style, without sounding “constructed.”

bad sector has been around for many years, and with over 10 releases on various labels the bans still does not nearly has the popularity it deserves. in past few months I was able to catch up with this project that now I considered one of the cornerstones of the genre.

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