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electric birds
zealectronic green
zealectronic   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-Sep-2001
electric birds is one of the most recent offerings from zealectronic series. electric birds is mike martinez that now is based in seattle. the tracks on this vinyl seem to form a logical entity, with the “temescal (part 1)” serving as an opening and part 2 expanding the theme started on part 1.

strangely, first track was nothing more than sliding, random ambience, that remotely reminded me of vladislav delay. fragile warm shifting atmosphere with random pops an clicks, skips and whirrs on top of atonal, cut-up waves. I cannot say I was really impressed with it, especially considering the usual style of zealectronic series.

things do pick up on part 2 though, seamlessly building upon all those disarranged elements and creating an enchanting, truly beautiful track. it has a gentle flow, outlined with glowing warm synthlines and steady hollow percussion. little atonal noises, clicks, random sounds still follow the track, but they moved in the shadows, creating an interesting background to this incredibly melodic and pleasant atmosphere. the bass is quite hypnotic, dubby-sounding, and the whole track has this deep layered sound, that seems to be the trademark for all zealectronic series.

zealectronic stays true to the style of the series and yet again releases an excellent vinyl, introducing yet another name in this genre.

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