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zealectronic bordeaux
zealectronic   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 16-Sep-2001

if you have not been following zeal electronic series, it might be the good time to start before it's too late. so far, zealectronic has put out two-track 7" records by l'usine, lilienthal, lackluster, sybarite with upcoming equally colorful appearances by e*vax.

the whole concept of zealectronic series is quite fascinating. most exclusive, limited, refined - these series present a side of electronic music that speaks of professionalism and style, the refinement and attention to details, something I have always admired in this genre. they do not necessarily present anything radically new, but they go for quality and style.

a duo from l.a., languis has been around for a few years, releasing a number of works and occasionally playing live. they keep along the lines of the style established by previous zealectronic releases - warm mix of acoustic and digital textures, melodic and dreamy.

both tracks on this 7" feature warm glowing melodies, gently flowing filled with little pops and clicks, beautiful key progressions and soft organic textures. they might sound like a perfect background music, but once you turn the volume up, you will be immersed in the world where smooth polyphonic melodies play with gentle percussion sprinkled with tiny technoid noises. the sound of this record is very "universal," lacking avant-garde stoicism of idm, but at the same time it carries enough appeal for idm techno geeks. if you enjoyed any of the zealectronic series before, this would definitely be a treat.

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