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venetian snares
dyslexic response   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 8-Sep-2001
recently called a part of “broken beat elite” on one of the mailing lists, mr. snares lives up to the title, no matter what it might mean. despite its appearance, this is one of the finest vinyls to date by canadian breakcore mastermind (one cannot escape all the catchy marketing titles when talking about venetian snares, he is too damn perfect for that).

this 12” is simply phenomenal, it retains the violence that made “making orange things” one of my favorite records in the genre, at the same time he brings over the broken maddening complexity of “songs about my cats.” this mixture is spiced up with the usual amount of fun and wizardry that anyone dealing with venetian snares got so used to. the result is splatter mix of heavy broken breakcore structures, stuttering, constantly mutating wall of percussion, noise, samples. I was glad to hear how clean and crisp it all sounded (always a weak spot for many artists in the genre).

this records needs to be played *loud,* and if possible, on headphones, only then, provided it has all your undivided attention, you will be able to hear all the little details that hide behind monstrous high-speed percussion, all the unexpected breaks, twists, basslines, unusual percussion textures. this is a perfect “listening” record, and yet another reason to look forward to getting “doll, doll, doll” on hymen.

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